Different Types of Wood Used on Floor

When you decide to make your room floor wooden, you also need to know the type of wood you should use in order to have a good finish in floor. There are several types of wood which we use for flooring & furniture. These types of wood that are used for floor construction are called as hard wood. This type of wood are: beech, oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut etc.

Beech: The beech wood has the specifications of Close-grain, they are hard, tough and strong, these type of wood works and finishes well, wears well but prone to warping and weather. This type of wood is Excellent for flooring. They are good for solid wood constructions as well. These woods are fairly cheap.

Oak: This type of wood are Very strong, heavy, durable, hard and tough, it finishes well, open grained, it contains acid which rusts steel fittings but this type of wood is very expensive.

Cherry: Cherry is a beautiful wood with a fairly close grain. It is pinkish/brown in color and has sweeping grain features, but they are not as much durable as other types of hard wood. One can use them to design on floor, but it is not appropriate for whole floor construction.

Mahogany is another type of wood which is very durable, strong, and easy to work on but they are very expensive.
We must make decision about the right type of wood while making wooden floor at the same time take care of the price.

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