Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors

A hard wood floor would serve you well for years but nothing is immune to the ravages of time. No matter what finish you choose (shellac, varnish or penetrating sealer) after a while you will notice scratches and grazes that will bring down the sheen of your hard wood floor by at least a couple of notches.

Though hard wood floors do not attract dust and debris you will still need to wipe it clean from time to time. The lack of grout lines and gaps makes cleaning easier and a light sweeping is all you need to get rid of dirt or sand that scratch against the surface of your floor. Make a point to wash those carpets, runners or rugs as they gather the maximum dust which eventually lands up on your hard wood floor making them look dull and worn out.

Spilled food and water should be promptly cleaned and ensure that you mop and vacuum your hard wood floor frequently. If you are using a cleaner then make certain that it is a non abrasive hard wood friendly agent. The wrong kind can cause your floor to peel. Steam cleaners are a good alternative to the chemical based ones.

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