Bathroom bonanza

Bathing has always been considered more of an experience and ritual instead of a daily routine. Ancient Roman and Muslim civilizations gave a lot of importance to bathing and keeping the body clean. In present times too, most home owners prefer the solitude of their bathroom spaces for some peace and quiet, away from the rest of the family members. Whether it is bathing in a shower cubicle or a bath tub, with the fragrance and the gentle light of scented candles it can be a relaxing affair. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that statistics show that the maximum number of accidents at home occurs in bathrooms, due to wet and slippery floors.

However attractive a home owner would like to making their bathroom space, it is equally necessary to consider an attractive yet practical flooring option. The market offers a variety of such floorings which are suitable for bathroom space and serve multiple functions of durability, anti-slippery features and practicality. Since there are myriad options to select from it is possible to get confused. Making the right choice requires not only a bit of patience but also correct knowledge. Depending on the budget, a home owner can make the correct choice.

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