All you need to know about scratches

When it comes to taking care of your exquisitely finished hard wood floor prevention is always better than repair. You can prevent most damages that ruin the show of your floor by employing some simple and inexpensive measures.

Padding the bottom of furniture legs is an easy way to avoid scratches and dents formed by furniture legs. Alternatively, you can preserve the finish of your wood floor by throwing a few rugs and runners in areas that experience a high level of foot traffic such as doorways, entrance and exit areas, landing of a staircase etc.

Special care must be taken when you move your furniture around. To avoid scuff marks and scratches slip on socks onto the legs of your furniture. Homeowners who share their space with pets should regularly trim their pet’s nails as it can damage the floor.

The wrong kind of broom or vacuuming attachment used while cleaning can also lead to scratches. Make sure you use a soft haired broom while sweeping and remember to use the vacuuming attachment that is meant for wood flooring.

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