Advantages of laminate flooring

While everybody may like a hard wood floor not all may be able to afford the cost of installing and maintaining one. If you wish to have wood like finish on your floor but do not want to break your bank then laminate flooring may be a great alternative. Laminate floors not only look and feel like wood floors but cost only a fraction of the real stuff minus all the high maintenance levels that wood demands.

Laminate flooring is made by slapping an image of wood, stone, brick or any other material onto an aluminum oxide layer. The end product is not only cheaper than wood but also more durable as the material is tougher than wood or tile. The difference is inconspicuous to an untrained eye and the installation is pretty easy too.

Unlike wood, laminate flooring is almost immune to damages caused by water. The layer of laminate backing fortifies the floor against moisture. A quick sweep with a damp mop is all you need to wipe down stains and spills. Laminate flooring do get scratched so special care should be taken while moving furniture and if you pets then you might want to trim their claws periodically.

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