Adept engineering

The flooring market is flooded with various kinds and types of floorings; there is something to suit all needs. While most floorings are durable and resilient in nature some like engineered flooring have a longer shelf life. This flooring is an amalgamation of real wood surface layers and the remaining plank is made from plywood. Engineered flooring requires almost zero maintenance but like all good things, it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages.

Its manufacturing is done with the help of advanced technology and thus this makes engineered floorings costs at par with wooden floorings. It is also more expensive to purchase than laminate wooden floorings. Engineered flooring cannot be repaired like solid wood flooring and this is one of its biggest disadvantages. It can be fixed maximum twice since the surface layers of the plank are thin and malleable.

Hardwood flooring can however be polished and repaired a number of times when scratches or blemishes appear on the surface. Installing engineered flooring is however a speedy and unproblematic task as the prefinished beveled edges makes it smooth and stress-free. Engineered floorings require high levels of care as well as hygiene and it is necessary for home owners to maintain that daily.

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