Wood Floors: Dog Friendly & Much More

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The first debate when looking for a new home or building a new home concerns the flooring. Do you install wood flooring that is durable and can be refinished later for a brand new look? Or do you install carpeting for soft cushion that is vulnerable to spills and stains? For dog owners, the choice is pretty simple. Wood flooring retains a number of advantages over its softer competitor, including the ease of spotting spills, pet hair, crumbs, and debris. A hardwood floor is malleable too in that you can add an area rug to give a room new character.

Floor Refinishing DC

In the event of scratches from dog nails, a recoating may be needed. You can reduce the frequency of recoating the wood by keeping your dogs’ nails short and rounded. Keep in mind that cutting the nails short can be problematic if they’re also pointy. Additionally, a gloss finish shows more imperfections, so stick to a semi-gloss or semi-finish to best hide the scratches. If you are looking to add wood floors to your home, or you would like to refinish the floors you currently have, leave it to the flooring experts at Universal Floors. 

Bamboo: Not Just For Pandas

BambooHardwood Flooring

In recent years the use of bamboo flooring has become increasingly popular. This durable, eco-friendly material grows faster than other types of wood, such as oak. Bamboo is a grass, ultimately, and can reach maturity in just four years. The finish is also great, and provides a different look than is typically seen with hardwood floors. In addition to being denser than oak, bamboo is also cheaper, due to its wide availability.

A Different Kind of Wood Flooring

So while pandas appreciate the taste of this remarkable plant, you can put it to other good use in your home or apartment. If you are looking for wood flooring installation, restoration, repairs, or finishing, come by Universal Floors, and we can get you started on the road to better floors! 

Choosing your Floors

Many of our clients are new homeowners that are conducting renovations or building homes from scratch. We see all types of flooring and handle cleaning and repairs from extreme circumstances to simple touch ups. Choosing your flooring is an important decision and not one you should take lightly.

Keep in mind you have many options in terms of floor materials. Factor in what is most important to you. Is it having the most expensive floor to show off? Maybe you’re considering the long term maintenance or cost of a certain material. Though carpet is still common in many homes, it is not functional if you are a pet owner. Households with children also tend to struggle with carpet. If you have the budget to upgrade, there are many options to choose from. Polished concrete, Porcelain or Ceramic tile are choices many families lead toward. These surfaces are much easier to clean and maintain. Other options include hardwood floors and cork. Take a look at the style of your home and consider your day to day life. What is most functional for you?

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Floor Restoration and Refinishing: An Investment in your home

All too often we see damaged floors in lovely homes. Many damages of which could have been avoided, if the floor had received a little TLC routinely. One of the first things guests and prospective buyers notice upon entering your home, is the condition of your floors. Even routine maintenance to your hardwood floors, will make a world of difference. We keep our prices as low as possible so our customers can enjoy savings while still maintaining beautiful clean floors. As our portfolio and client testimonials clearly show, we take our jobs seriously and will do the best job possible on your floors. We offer expert advice and will provide the best option for your specific circumstance. Please contact us at 202-537-8900 with any questions or to receive a free quote!

How to Avoid Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

A nice floor is an investment in your home. This is why many people look into wood floor restoration and having their hardwood floors refinished. It is also common for people to have floors that require repairs or regular maintenance. One of the first things people see in your home is right under their feet. You will want to make a good impression to any guest in your home and keep up on the floors to increase property value.

How to Avoid Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

  1. Using furniture pads. The constant slight movement from people sitting down, will slowly (but surely) start to show the spots of aggressive wear over time. Be sure to use those furniture pads.
  2. Mopping the correct way. Many people do not realize that if you mop with too much water, that water seeps down into the seams of your floor and builds up under the floor. This can cause negative movement.
  3. Use the welcome mat. Walking into your home from the street, is like having sandpaper on the bottom of your shoes. These are often called “walk-off-rugs”. The point is for them to walk off all the stones or dirt/ grime at the bottom of your shoes.
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Bamboo bonanza

Choosing the right flooring options is necessary when it comes to remodeling or redecorating a home. Apart from which its color must complement the décor or theme of a room. One of the most eco-friendly and popular choices in present times is bamboo as flooring options. However, while making a choice of bamboo floorings it is imperative to focus on both the quality as well as the color. Most dealers have similar stocks and colors but their qualities differ from the other. Upon a little bit of home work, a home owner will find that there is something to within all budgets.

A bamboo floor can however be stained darker to complement the furniture in a room. Before choosing the type of flooring, it is necessary to determine the space or area of a room where it will be installed. For best results when it comes to bamboo flooring, a home owner should opt for strand-woven bamboo. Its strengths lie in its versatility, scratchproof nature as well being resistant to moisture and UV. Horizontal, vertical and stand-woven bamboos each come with their own set of unique properties, strengths as well as drawback like in the case of other flooring options.

Floor power

There are a plethora of factors which come into the forefront when it comes to making the informed choice between tiles and hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors on one hand are made from natural woods such as bamboo, cherry, pine and oak. They are made in the shape of planks which are then cut and installed as per the size and requirement of the space in a home. Tiles on the other hand are made of ceramic material. They also need to be cut and to fit the dimensions of a room. The cost for hardwood flooring however is more expensive than installation of ceramic tiles.

Hardwood floorings are found in a surfeit of textures, styles, color and designs. However the costs will differ from each other based on the choice of wood used. Hardwood floorings are suitable for homeowners who are not stringent about budgets and can afford the best in the market. Tiles too like hardwood floorings are found in a number of designs, textures, styles and colors and there is always something to fit all budget types. Tiles and hardwood flooring both require daily cleaning. Tiles tend to discolor due to dirt, dust and grime but hardwood is a natural repellant of that.

The world of engineered successes

Engineered flooring is known to be durable in nature. It is made by using a mix of real wood and ply. In this combination the layer of real wood is right on top and the rest of the plank is made up of plywood. Engineered flooring requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep but there are however a few points to ponder over and consider. Due to advanced technology which is used in the manufacturing of engineered flooring, it is an expensive option whose cost is almost at par with wooden floorings. It is also more expensive to install than laminate wooden floorings.

One of its biggest disadvantages is that unlike solid wood flooring, this flooring cannot be repaired frequently in the eventuality of bad damage. It can at the most be fixed twice since the surface layer is thin and soft. Solid wood flooring on the other hand can be polished or repaired a number of times, especially when scratches or blemishes occur on the surface. However, installing engineered flooring is a very quick and easy job which does not require much time or labor. It is imperative to maintain high levels of cleanliness daily basis since dirt tends to get lodged in the edges.

Engineering this

In present times, home owners have a surfeit of choices when it comes to choosing flooring options for their new or remodeled homes. Engineered wooden floorings are those which are a blend of natural wood and plywood, of which natural wood forms the surface layer. The rest of the planks are made from plywood. This combination is one of the toughest, sturdiest and lifelong. The amalgamation between solid wooden and laminate flooring is amongst the best in the market as it combines the strength and properties of both hardy materials. Apart from which, engineered wooden floorings are attractive. One of the outstanding properties of this flooring is its resistance to moisture, splitting, denting and warping.

Its sturdiness is unequaled with any other wooden flooring options. Engineered flooring planks are also impervious to expanding or shrinking with temperature fluctuations. Installing engineered floorings is an easy and quick process since they already come pre-finished. Although engineered wood floorings are not made from real and natural wood, they still require a certain level of maintenance and upkeep. Sweeping or vacuuming on a daily basis can effectively keep it clean and hygienic. Cleaning products or cleansing agents which are made especially for such floorings can be used to mop the floor.

Engineered excitement

It is known fact that engineered wooden floorings are much less expensive than solid wood ones. They must however be maintained and looked after well like any other hardwood floor to prevent it from damage. It is essential to either sweep the floor with a broom on a daily basis or vacuum it by using a soft brush attachment. Keeping the floor clean will prevent dust, scratches and dents from forming on it. When it comes to mopping engineered wooden flooring, it is important to use special cleaning agents and products which are specially designed for such floorings.

While mopping the floor is crucial to ensure that no wax, liquid, oil based soaps, ammonia, lemon or Tung oil are used to clean its surface. Using plain water is not recommended on engineer wooden floorings either. In the case of spills or stains, all liquids should be dabbed dry with a soft cloth immediately to prevent it from seeping into the layers. The residual will also need to be cleaned immediately with specially approved stain removers that do not damage its surface. If moisture is left unattended for too long on engineered wooden floorings it may end up warping or damaging it.

Laminately yours

Of all flooring options, laminate floorings are one of the easiest to maintain and clean. In their endeavor to keep it clean, home owners should ensure not to distort, delaminate or warp the planks which are the foundation of the flooring. A special cleaner designed especially for such surfaces must be used for the longevity of laminate floorings. This will also keep it shiny and gleaming. A wrong cleaner will end up causing damage to the floor as well as it will leave the surface looking dull and lifeless.

To restore laminate flooring to its original luster, a home owner should first vacuum or sweep the floor. One must remove all the dust and sand that may have accumulated in the home and make the area as dirt-free as possible. A mixture of one cup of white vinegar, one gallon of hot water should be mixed in a two gallon bucket. The flooring must be cleaned with this solution by using a sponge or mop. All excess water must be wrung out before mopping. For uniform coverage of the solution, the strokes of the mop applied must overlap with each other. Vinegar and water can be used frequently to keep the floor shiny.

Live the laminate life

Laminate floorings are known for their sturdiness, toughness, durability and resilience. However they still require regular upkeep, cleaning and maintenance for their longevity. This helps to prevent any unnecessary expenses which may then occur for repairs or replacements. Spillage on the flooring should be wiped up with a paper towel or sponge immediately to prevent the liquid from delaminating or distorting the shape of the floor planks. It I recommended that if there is dirt, sand, grime or any other materials which can scratch the floor then they should be swept up with a broom or vacuumed immediately.

Sweeping the floor with a hard brush may scratch the surface so it must be done with a broom with soft bristles. Vacuuming is a preferred option over sweeping on such floorings. Laminate flooring care suggests that it must be mopped with a floor cleaner that is specially designed for such surfaces. Water is not recommended since liquids tend to distort the planks. In order to ensure that the laminate planks remain intact it must be cleaned only with special cleaning agents who will protect the flooring. Stubborn or greasy stains can be removed with nail varnish or wiped dry with a soft clean cloth. Heavy furniture should not be dragged on the floor.

Laminate love

For home owners who have smaller budgets but would still like aesthetic and stylish homes could opt for laminate floorings as an ideal option. One of its greatest advantages is that it looks like real wood. But in fact laminates are a look alike or faux wooden tiles which tend to imitate the characteristics of traditional hardwood. These floorings are extremely durable, tough and hardy. Apart from which they are also very easy to install. Unlike other flooring options laminates do not need glue or nails. The planks click and snap together seamlessly in a simple and easy way.

Laminate floorings are versatile in nature and they can be used in kitchens, hallways, children’s rooms, family spaces and even bathrooms. Their hardiness makes laminates a perfect choice for homes which have heavy traffic and movement. One of the best advantages of laminate floorings is that it will continue to look as good as new, years after installation too, despite heavy traffic. They are resistant to moisture, fading and stains therefore they are easy to maintain. Laminate floorings are available in a plethora of choices, styles, budgets, colors, patterns, textures and designs for a fraction of the cost of hardwood floorings.

Getting floored

Whether or not a home owner is wealthy is immaterial since redecorating or remodeling a home costs a lot of money. It is therefore imperative to ensure that a home owner spend as much time in maintaining it for its longevity. Hardwood floorings are not only elegant but stylish as well and they make an ideal choice of flooring instead of carpets or tiles. This type of flooring is expensive to purchase and install. Hardwood floorings require proper care and maintenance for it long life; sans damage or fading. After installation of the flooring, it is imperative that home owners refer to the maintenance guide that is provided to them with the installation.

Its detailed information and tips will go a long way to keep hardwood flooring damage free. However it is imperative to ensure the purchase from a reputable company or dealer. Cleanliness and maintenance of new or refinished flooring is crucial and certain parameters must be adhered to for its upkeep. Hardwood flooring must be cleaned with water based cleaners that are gentle, effective and non abrasive to the surface of the flooring. To prevent hard water streaks one could use a mixture of distilled water along with the cleaner on its surface.

Hardy elations

When it comes to floorings, they are known to make or break the aesthetics of a home. When remodeling or redecorating a home it is imperative for a home owner to it give due importance. There is a plethora of flooring options available in the market; each one comes with their own pros, utility and benefits. For home owners who do not have stringent budgets and prefer the feel of wood beneath their feet could opt for hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is the preferred choice for homes which are a statement for opulence and grandeur. They render the rooms with elegance and style.

One of its greatest advantages is that hardwood flooring complement and enhances any theme or décor. Its beauty and everlasting appeal makes it an ideal preference and choice for home owners who want to make a statement in magnificence. Harwood floorings are versatile and resilient. Apart from which they create a sense of warmth and relaxation in a room. They are natural insulators which help to conserve and control energy bills. Its natural ability to retain heat and cool air makes it a popular preferred option. Hardwood floorings can last for decades if maintained well.