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Universal Floors specializes in wood flooring installation, restoration, repairs, & finishing.  Over the last half century, we have done work for many local & Federal government offices & buildings.  Below is a partial list of some of these past customers:

The White House, Official rooms & Presidential living areas: East Room Restoration
Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Camp David, Presidential Retreat, Thurmont, Maryland
US Treasury, Secretary of the Treasury office
US Federal Reserve
US Supreme Court
US Library of Congress
Commandant US Marine Corps Official Residence
Vice President US official residence
Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan's Office
US State Department Treaty Room, Diplomatic Reception Room: Harry S. Truman Building
US Secretary of State Albright's Department of State Office
US Naval Observatory
US Naval Academy Superintendent official residence
US Naval Academy "Captain's Row" officer's quarters
US Navy Flag Housing Washington DC
US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, office of the Surgeon General
US Army Walter Reed Auditorium
US Army Ft. Meyer Officer's Club
US Army Ft. McNair General's quarters
US Air Force Bolling AFB
US Marine Corps Marine Barracks Officer's Quarters
US Marine Corps Marine Barracks Gymnasium
US Congress, House Library
US Congress, House Office, Rayburn Cafeteria
US Capitol Police Pistol Range
US Department of Agriculture Secretary's Office & Private Residence
USDA Forest Service "Smokey the Bear's Office"
USDA Forest Service Information Center
US Department of Interior Gymnasium
US Department of Interior Secretary's Office
US Department of Interior South Building Auditorium
US Department of Interior Secretary's Reception
US Department of Transportation, Hazel O'Leary, Private Residence
US Department of Defense Pentagon Racquetball Courts
US Department of Energy
US Department of Justice
US Post Office
US Library of Congress: Thomas Jefferson Building Restoration
US Forestry Service
US Department of Labor
National Institutes of Health
American Bar Association
National Bureau of Standards
Smithsonian Institution
Embassy of Britain
Embassy of Spain Ambassador's Residence
Embassy of Sweden
Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of Germany
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of Venezuela
Embassy of Japan
Embassy of Belgium and Ambassador's residence
Embassy of Brazil and Ambassador's residence
Brazilian Aeronautical Commission
Embassy of Luxembourg
Embassy of Ethiopia
Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
Embassy of Yugoslavia
Embassy of the Bahamas
Embassy of Czechoslovakia
Embassy of Taiwan
Embassy of Iran
Embassy of New Zealand
Embassy of Qatar
Embassy of Oman
Embassy of India
Royal Netherlands Embassy

Marine Barracks

Chevy Chase Townhall




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