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Universal Floors has worked with many large & small builders to bring beauty to their project's floors.  Below is a partial list of some of these builders & their projects over the years.  There are no current builders listed:

Kettler Brothers:
     - Fair Ridge
     - Montgomery Square
     - Montgomery Village
     - North Farm
     - Old Farm
     - Hillandale
     - Westover Place
     - Cohasset
     - Kenwood Park
     - Springfield
     - Goshen Overlook
     - Walkers Choice
     - Stedwick
     - Overlea
     - Pleasant Ridge
     - Copenhaver
     - Ridgefield
     - Willow Ridge
     - Courts of the Whetstone
     - Lakeside
     - Frenchton Place
     - River Falls

Columbia Homes:
     - Windemere
     - Westleigh

Clarence Gosnell:
     - River Falls
     - Piney Glen Farm

WC&AN Miller:
     - Spring Valley
     - Spring Hill
     - Sumner

     - Kenwood

Deakins Range

English Village Construction

Stylerite Builders:
     - Bonnie Brae
     - Unicorn Lane



Matthews & Swartz

William W. Morrison

Frank S. Phillips

Stewart & Maury

Yeonus Brothers:
     - Flower Valley

David Katz

Frank & Meade Bell

Jacobson Builders

Ed Schultz

Boyce Blackwell
     - Tulip Hills


Jerome Kinney

Kettler Forlines

Mitchell Best Co.

W.O. Cooley:
     - Walnut Woods

Gruver Cooley


Ted Lingo

Woodley Gardens

Tom Cary
     - Rolling Woods

Edmund J. Bennett:
     - Carderock Springs
     - Bannockburn Estates

     - Leisure World



Glen Echo Heights

Wood Acres

Westmoreland Hills

     - Tilden Woods
     - Fox Chapel

Oliver T. Carr Sr

Oliver T. Carr Jr




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